Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis is a form of therapy that studies the personality of a person. It’s based off the theory of people having three ego states – child, parent and adult, and supports the attitude of “I’m okay, you’re okay”.

Who is it for?

This analysis looks at social transactions and interactions to understand the way a person communicates. It recognises that everyone is worthy of dignity and respect, and nurtures the belief that people can change any behaviours or attitudes that limit themselves.

A transactional analysis therapist has several roles. They help people to:

• Comprehend, alter or relieve suffering
• Independently make healthy decisions
• Have self-awareness and knowledge
• Live life more spontaneously
• Develop the capacity within themselves for intimacy

Transactional Analysis holding hands


Want to learn more?

If you’d like to have a chat about transactional analysis therapy and how it could benefit you, reach out to our team here at Cheshire Wellness Centre today. We’d be happy to talk this through with you.