Pain Management

A pain management group helps people living with chronic pain to live well despite their condition by learning ways to reduce the distress caused by being in pain.

Who can this help?

We now know that chronic pain is caused by a combination of physiological mechanisms (i.e. changes at the level of the central nervous system) but also psychological mechanisms (i.e. changes at the level of our minds).

By helping you to consider how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect your response to pain, the group aims to help you to manage your pain and the associated distress in a more helpful way.

How does it work?

Woman with back pain sitting up on bed

At Cheshire Wellness Centre, we will also provide space for you to reflect on the impact of your pain, with a group of other people who have been through similar experience. We will consider ways to help you to be less dominated by the pain, instead focusing on your values and setting values based goals.


Want to learn more?

By the end of the course, you will hopefully feel more confident and independent in managing your pain, without having to rely on pain medication. You may also develop relationships with people who become lifelong friends.

Get in touch with us to learn more.