Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation course designed to prepare your mind and body for birth. 

It is a full antenatal course which will prepare mum and birth partner to enable you to feel empowered, confident and ready for birth. 

Let’s dig a bit deeper. I Like to explain it like this:

Let’s take the word, ‘hypnobirthing’ and take it apart. 



  • This part of the course is where we look at the physiology of birth, we look at how the body works and what we can do to best support this process. 
  • We look at the different types of birth, inductions, caesareans and how to best prepare for these scenarios. 
  • We look at the different decisions we may need to make during pregnancy and labour and how to make fully informed decisions. 
  • We look at the stages of labour and how to best support your body through each. 



  • This is essentially mindset work. 
  • We’ll look at ways of reframing any negative perceptions that we are subconsciously holding onto about birth.
  • We’ll look at a range of relaxation techniques that we can use to help keep our minds calm, and focused. 
  • This part of the course is all about cultivating a positive mindset and building our confidence around birth. 



Session 1: The physiology and psychology of birth 

  • Introduction to hypnobirthing
  • Myth busting hypnobirthing
  • The physiology of birth
  • The psychology of birth and how hypnosis works.
  • The mind and body connection and how to support your body to birth.
  • Mindset work + reframing any negative perceptions.
  • Birth hormones + why it is essential that you are aware of them!


Session 2: Relaxation tools 

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Birth breathing
  • Guided relaxation
  • Baby positioning and how to navigate variations of normal

Session 3: Preparing for every eventuality.

  • Decision making and how to prepare for all types of birth
  • Looking at ‘risk’ + how to navigate any ‘curve balls’ during pregnancy and labour
  • Preparing for an induction
  • Preparing for a Caesarean birth

Session 4: Your birth plan 

  • Birthplace options
  • Birth partner role
  • Stages of labour
  • Birth positions
  • Pain relief options
  • Birth planning



  • Mums and birth partners 
  • 20+ weeks pregnant 
  • Women who are feeling apprehensive about birth 
  • Women who want to plan for a positive birth experience
  • Women who want to feel confident, prepared and in control.