Emotional Fitness

Emotional fitness involves exercising a person’s mind to stay mentally healthy and strong. Our mind and body need training to allow ourselves to let go of negative emotion, and the aim of emotional fitness is to provide emotional support for your daily needs.

Are you emotionally fit?

The term ‘emotion’ means to move on, and negative emotions aren’t supposed to hang around within the physical body. Unresolved emotions can build up and they need an outlet. By working on your emotional fitness, you’re creating this outlet in a positive way. We all need to be conscious of our emotions daily to stay emotionally fit and healthy.

Who would this benefit?

Emotional Fitness handwritten note in window saying mindfulness

Everyone faces mental health, and one way to look after this is through emotional wellbeing. Just imagine if you started letting go – it would make a huge impact on you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. At Cheshire Wellness Centre, our clients experience great benefits using emotional fitness.

Have you gone through life never being heard, seen or supported, feeling misunderstood and not wanting to hurt others feelings, yet feel that you are always blaming yourself?

Have one too many incidents occurred in your life for you to question why am I always blaming myself? Do you feel like it is the same old same old yet a different day, feels like Groundhog Day?

Do you pretend that everything is ok yet your feeling deep pain within you, constant stomach ache, anxiety, feeing like you just cannot go on yet you pull it out the bag?

Are you a silent warrior believing you can handle everything on your own afraid to ask for help as it is a sign of weakness? What are you saying to yourself every single day that stops you from reaching out? You have had it; you are inundated with information, feeling overwhelmed yet still thinking you can handle it, day in day out coasting.

You know deep within enough is enough and you are looking, you have had enough and this is for you. It will truly support you to let go of that feeling within for you to breathe again and feel some belonging back into your life.


Results from a session

Emotional fitness sessions can bring yourself back to the present moment. They release the burden of these emotions that plague you on a day-to-day basis, allowing you to gain emotional and mental clarity. In doing so, you can create head space and feel lighter within yourself. Regular emotional fitness sessions will allow for more personal growth.

If you’d like to discuss emotional fitness further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Cheshire Wellness Centre.