Conscious Breathwork

What is Conscious connected breathwork.

With Conscious Connected Breathwork, we can ‘get out of our heads’ and back into our bodies, allowing us to explore what’s really going on inside.
We’re able to access altered states of consciousness, where our rational mind becomes quieter, and our subconscious mind can become more active. When we access altered states, we have the ability to connect with feelings, insights, memories and more that are not accessible during normal waking consciousness. These experiences can be an incredibly powerful way to shift our perspective and reality.
Conscious connected Breathwork can release stored emotional energy and survival stress that is held in the body.
When we suppress emotions, we create a build-up of emotional energy, and it gets stored and stuck in parts of the body. When these emotions aren’t processed, it can cause us mental, emotional and physical pain.
Most people experience some form of trauma in their lives which puts us into a state of over or under activation (fight, flight or freeze), we can become disconnected from our bodies and act in a highly reactive way to triggers.
Through this breathwork, we are able to release emotional blockages, process trauma, move past negative thinking patterns and behaviours and dig into our baggage.