A ground-breaking new clinic is now open at the Cheshire Wellness Centre.

Cheshire Wellness Centre founder Bob Baker knows all too well what it’s like to struggle with an addiction but have no idea where to turn to for help.

That’s why he’s proud to announce the opening of a revolutionary new addiction clinic at the centre.

Powered by personal experience

“I understand what it’s like to feel desperate and confused, not knowing where to turn or what help to ask for,” says Bob, who found himself suffering from anxiety, depression and alcohol addiction following a difficult period in his personal life. “It taught me that it doesn’t matter who you are, it can strike at any time.”

Bob’s experience also taught him that, whilst there are many different treatment options out there, few places exist that can take you on “your whole journey.”

The whole journey is now delivered by Bob’s clinic; helping clients resolve problematic drug or alcohol use.

Achieve great things

Bob urges anyone dealing with addiction issues, or who has a loved one in need of support, to get in touch. Bob will be your first point of contact. Remember, he’s been there and offers the warmest welcome and guidance. “Together, we can achieve great things,” smiles Bob. “Yes, it can be challenging, but you’ll be supported like a family member every step of the way.”

Make that call

Call Bob on 01925 752682 or email For latest news, follow on Instagram @cheshirewellnesscentre