About Us

Based in Lymm, in an idyllic spot on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal, we at Cheshire Wellness Centre offer a wide variety of wellness treatments and holistic therapies. With stunning scenery, a relaxed, modern setting and an integrated approach to mental health, it’s the perfect place to start or continue your journey and be around people who understand, but don’t judge.

We have a range of dedicated treatment spaces, including three private consultation rooms for one-to-one therapy sessions, a holistic treatment room with a massage table and two larger rooms, which are used for group activities and creative workshops and boast fantastic views of the canal. There’s also a lovely outside area where visitors can linger, chat and enjoy a coffee while soaking up the sunshine.

Cheshire Wellness Centre is a very special place to work, grow and heal – somewhere with a beautiful view, a supportive working environment and a true sense of belonging. Working as a team, we value and nurture our members of staff and believe that they are every bit as important as our clients.

Cheshire Wellness Centre team photo
Cheshire Wellness Centre interior room with 4 chairs and a coffee table

We work with both children and adults and are passionate about men’s mental health, an area which is so often overlooked.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can support you on your journey.

Bob's Story

I’m Bob and I founded Cheshire Wellness Centre because I understand what it’s like to struggle with your mental health, and to feel desperate and confused, not knowing where to turn or what help to ask for.

I’d been a salesman for 35 years and never had a problem with my mental health. I was happy, I was outspoken, I was doing well at work. A difficult period in my personal life had a profound effect on my mental health, ultimately resulting in a stay in residential rehab to treat my anxiety, depression and alcohol addiction.

It taught me that it doesn’t matter who you are, it can strike at any time. I don’t know if I had a breakdown, but something definitely happened to me. What I do know is that there are different options that could’ve helped sustain my whole journey through mental health and addiction.

When I got better and looked back on my experience, I realised there are places you can go for counselling and help with mental health, but there was nowhere you can go on your whole journey.

I wanted to create an inclusive environment that offers more than only counselling, something that has lots of different activities such as yoga, mindfulness, sound baths, reiki – whatever people need. And that’s why I set up Cheshire Wellness Centre.

Bob Baker at CWC building